The Allergy Station: The Care You Deserve

My entire life, I have felt called to provide care to those in need. I love being a physician.

However, in recent years, changes in the traditional health care system have led to increased frustration, confusion and decreased satisfaction for patients, and also physicians.

I want to provide the care that you and your family deserve – care that is compassionate, collaborative and unique to your needs. I do not want to feel rushed when I am with you. I want you to feel you have an absolute health care partner in me. I do not want your care and health to be limited or constrained by insurance, authorization hassles or bureaucracy.

For these reasons, I am re-opening The Allergy Station as a Direct Care Practice. Making the

change to this model of medical practice will allow me and our team to offer an even more comprehensive, personalized level of care in an unhurried environment.

I realize you will have questions about what this means for you and your care. I hope you will find some answers on our website.  You can also call, email or stop by our new office at 1478 Stone Point Drive, Suite 290. Our door is always open and I would love to sit down, catch up and talk about you and the care you deserve.



Monday - Thursday: 8am - 4:30pm

Friday: By Appointment Only

Weekend and after-hour care available by appointment.

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  • Urgent care including: respiratory treatments, in-office treatment with medications, and injections.

  • Allergy testing for environmental and food allergens.

  • Allergy desensitization (shots and drops/SLIT), with no injection or antigen fees.

  • Respiratory immunizations, including influenza and pneumococcal.

  • Comprehensive allergy/immunology health and wellness visits with advanced screening