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Specialty Care Services

  • Allergy testing for environmental and food allergens

  • Allergy desensitization (shots and drops/SLIT), with no injection or antigen fees

  • Respiratory immunizations, including influenza and pneumococcal

  • Spirometry (lung function testing), oxygen saturation testing and exhaled nitric oxide breath testing

  • Urgent care including: respiratory treatments, in-office treatment with medications, and injections

  • Comprehensive allergy/immunology health and wellness visits with advanced screening

  • Detailed physical exams, and personalized health recommendations

  • Exercise capacity testing* and personalized exercise plans

  • In-office therapies* for asthma, eczema, immune deficiency, angioedema and other relevant conditions

  • Nutritional/dietician consults and evaluation included as part of membership

  • Individualized wellness programs with personal goal monitoring

* Some services require acquisition costs of testing materials that are not included in your membership (penicillin e.g. Pre-Pen, True Test skin patch kits, Hymenoptera venoms, and specialized testing materials). These will be directly billed to member, without mark up. Prices will be available prior to services.

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