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The Allergy Station Allergy Expert Dr. Miller

Meet Travis A. Miller, MD

Travis Aaron Miller grew up in Southern California and was blessed by an incredible family, who are near and dear to his heart. He widely credits his mother for his bedside manner. He follows a deeply rooted philosophy that he will treat you like family, following the Golden Rule, just as you deserve.

Growing up in the California, he learned to love the outdoors, sports, nature’s beauty and spectacular weather. Dr. Miller tries to spend time outdoors, following a healthy lifestyle and engaging in community and volunteer activities. There are very few sports he doesn’t love or appreciate, but he also deeply respects Scouting (Boys and Girls), faith based missions and community service.

Dr. Miller attended undergraduate studies at UC San Diego, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Animal Physiology and Neurosciences. He received multiple Dean’s List Honors, was named UCSD’s Student Athlete of the Year (1994), was a San Diego Hall of Champions inductee, appeared in Sports Illustrated Faces in the Crowd and was inducted into UCSD’s 1st class Hall of Fame (2013). But none of that really matters. Most importantly, Dr. Miller met his beautiful wife, Cindy, during college at UC San Diego. Life has been dramatically better since.

Dr. Miller The Allergy Station Roseville, CA
Allergy Testing Expert, The Allergy Station
Environmental Allergy Test Center Roseville, CA
Dr. Miller at The Allergy Station Roseville, CA

Dr. Miller went on to attend UCLA School of Medicine, where he received his Medical Doctor degree. He completed a double residency in Pediatrics and Internal Medicine at LAC+USC Medical Center from 1999-2003. He finished his formal training at the University of Michigan, in the Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. His laboratory research was conducted in the lab of James R. Baker, Jr MD, a mentor to this day, who served as CEO of FARE for 5 years.

Dr. Miller returned from Michigan and brought his training, skills, love and compassion to Sacramento in 2006.  He has worked at two high-volume practices in Sacramento from August 2006 – November 2013 and January 2014 to September 2017. In October 2017, after much reflection and prayer, Dr. Miller answered the call to found The Allergy Station, an allergy practice devoted to giving patients what they deserve – personalized, accessible, high-value care; cutting through red-tape, bureaucracy and breaking the traditional model of healthcare.

Dr. Miller has actively pursued research in severe asthma, chronic sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis, COPD, Celiac Disease, Chronic Urticaria as well as rare metabolic diseases. He has presented scientific research on the genetics of nasal polyps, aspirin exacerbated respiratory disease, treatment of chronic sinusitis and Quality Metrics in Asthma. His clinical interests are broad and include asthma, sinusitis, immune deficiency, immuno-modulation and food allergy. Dr. Miller enjoys speaking regionally to patient-directed support groups, hosting asthma screening fairs, and supporting community needs. In addition, Dr. Miller has been an invited lecturer regionally, nationally and internationally.

Dr. Miller has faithfully served on and led numerous leadership and academic societies, including ACAAI and AAAAI committees, the Blood Source Board of Directors, WSAAI and CSAAI Board of Directors and the President of the John M. Sheldon Alumni Allergy Society (Michigan). He served on the Editorial Board for the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology for over 10 years. In 2014, Dr. Miller founded Allergy Care 4 You, a non-profit organization focused on supporting the advancement of diagnosis and treatment of allergic conditions through research, training, education and outreach. He remains the CEO and President of this foundation, along with being the President of WSAAI, the Rocklin Swim Team and the U of M/John M Sheldon Alumni Society.

But nothing gives Dr. Miller more professional joy and satisfaction than spending time with patients implementing both the art and the science of medicine.

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