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Summer 2022 is HERE!!!

weather forecast for 100 degree days

We’re here!!!

When I arrived in Sacramento over 15 years ago, I quickly learned that the end of spring and the beginning of summer is declared by three days of triple digits (100•F).

School is out for many. Pools and watering holes are popular with the Littles.

Homework and busy school schedules fall away. Alarms are set later by tweens and teens.

In asking our students what are their summer plans, I was shocked to find out a majority of them say “sleeping” 😂

Congrats to all the grads! Exciting times ahead 😊

graduation celebrations

Summer is a great time to come into the office, have a consultation with Dr. Miller, get necessary allergy testing done (while being off oral allergy medications) and refocus your individualized immunology plan.

Multi-generational care

One of the most rewarding features of having a specialty practice is the ability to care for patients within families and across generations.

Atopy, the genetic predisposition to pass on traits of allergy, is a frequent exam question for second year medical students.

We see it all the time, when parents bring their children in, and I notice more symptoms and signs in the parents than the child.

It is a pleasure to serve these parent-child unions. And I am known for asking mothers when they are going to take care of themselves.

Every once in a while, we are blessed with taking care of three generations within the family.

three generations

Our goals are always the same: reducing symptoms, decreasing need for chronic medication, improving quality of life, and offering hope.

And a few good articles for reading – things I thought were interesting and helpful:

Good Article on controlling Summer Asthma

A nice review of smell disturbances after COVID-19

Coming soon!

Hot Summer issues, including:

Stinging insects 🐝

Topical reactions to sunscreen 🧴

Air quality issues 🔥 💨 and being prepared

Food allergy advancements

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