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Welcome to The Allergy Station

Allergy Testing Roseville, CA The Allergy Station

Visualize an environment so warm and inviting, it almost seems like you’re home. Pair that with a communication system where you have direct access to our team, when it is convenient for you. I have handpicked a tireless, intelligent and courteous staff to suit your individual needs. Come to an office that is peaceful and free of the rush and impersonal nature common in many locations today.

Allergy Testing Center Roseville, CA
Allergy Testing in Roseville, CA

We have radically changed our model of practice and built a comfortable retreat where you can spend the time needed with your health partner to have your concerns addressed. We remain on the forefront of research, and we offer the most modern, comprehensive care while keeping respect, professionalism, and compassion at our core. We believe you deserve this level of care. Welcome!

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Travis A Miller, M.D.

Travis A Miller, M.D.

Travis A Miller, M.D.
Travis A Miller, MD discusses Spirometry in our next 2022 presentation

Travis A Miller, MD discusses Spirometry in our next 2022 presentation

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Travis A Miller, MD discussed Allergy Shots/Immunotherapy 2022 Presentation

Travis A Miller, MD discussed Allergy Shots/Immunotherapy 2022 Presentation

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Travis A Miller, MD discussing Food Allergy Evaluation 2022 Presentation

Travis A Miller, MD discussing Food Allergy Evaluation 2022 Presentation

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Our Commitment to You

Comprehensive & Personalized Healthcare
The Allergy Station Roseville, CA

In an era of rapidly advancing knowledge and technology, we will personalize our approach to you and your health. Our practice utilizes simple, elegant technology to support us in creating your ultimate healthcare team. From the youngest to the most experienced patients, our providers care for the entire family. Whether treating acute illness, managing chronic health burdens, or optimizing health and wellness, our team is here for you.

Direct Care - Your Time is Important
The Allergy Station Roseville, CA

Having fewer patients gives us the time to focus on the individual, personalized care plan and needs of you and your family.

  • 24/7 Access: Call, text or email any time of day, any day of the week

  • Open Office Hours: Schedule an appointment when it works for YOU

  • House calls: Available after hours or if you just can’t make it into the office

  • Telehealth: We can connect via the computer so you don’t even have to be in the same city

Unparalleled Access & Complete Care
Roseville, CA The Allergy Station

Reach your provider when you need us, 24/7. You can access the team by phone, text or email. Let us show you the power and convenience of consultations by video-conference, or even in-home care when needed. Our goal is to provide you with complete care, and that means staying on top of your health concerns- in the office, at the soccer field, at your home, or elsewhere. We’re here for you.

Our Commitment to Our Patients

When Dr. Miller imagined the concept of The Allergy Station 8 years ago, he chose four “Pillars of Service” that he and the team would always focus on. These professional anchors of care drive each decision and the care provided to all patients.

  • Direct Access: Everyone deserves the care they need when they need it. Healthcare has gotten very complex, costly and difficult to reach. To ensure access, Dr. Miller makes himself available 24/7 to his patients. You have his mobile # and his awesome team.

  • Personalized Health Plans: Each patient, family and home are unique and The Allergy Station in Roseville, CA meets each patient where he or she is. This approach leads to personalized, individual care plans to meet the needs of each specific person.

  • The Human Connection: Patients and their families deserve to feel connected with their physician, so that trust and teamwork can be established. The goal of Dr. Miller’s practice is to give patients and their families a deep sense of relief, through a mixture of compassion, empathy, knowledge and a willingness to go beyond the norm.

  • Professional & Conscientious Care: Professionalism is the defining feature of each service and treatment provided. Dr. Miller and his team go to great lengths to provide thorough and detailed care, as their number one goal is to provide the best experience possible to each of their patients. It's simple: They follow the GOLDEN RULE.

We welcome you to experience our care and service.

Family Food Allergy Testing Roseville, CA


"Wouldn't trust any other allergist with our health. Dr. Miller is responsive and engaged with the needs of each member of our family. The new monthly membership plan is great for us and I love not feeling rushed during our appointments. He has accommodated us at the last minute without hesitation, and even called a prescription into Maui so it would be waiting for us when we landed!"


—  Patrice, Facebook

Allergy Testing, The Allergy Station Roseville, CA

Our Services

  • Allergy testing for environmental and food allergens

  • Allergy desensitization (shots and drops/SLIT), with no injection or antigen fees

  • Respiratory immunizations, including influenza and pneumococcal

  • Spirometry (lung function testing), oxygen saturation testing and exhaled nitric oxide breath testing

  • Urgent care including: respiratory treatments, in-office treatment with medications, and injections

  • Comprehensive allergy/immunology health and wellness visits with advanced screening

  • Detailed physical exams, and personalized health recommendations

  • Exercise capacity testing* and personalized exercise plans

  • In-office therapies* for asthma, eczema, immune deficiency, angioedema and other relevant conditions

  • Nutritional/dietician consults and evaluation included as part of membership

  • Individualized wellness programs with personal goal monitoring

* Some services require acquisition costs of testing materials that are not included in your membership (penicillin e.g. Pre-Pen, True Test skin patch kits, Hymenoptera venoms, and specialized testing materials). These will be directly billed to member, without mark up. Prices will be available prior to services.

Exercise testing requires specialized PFT equipment and can be decided upon at consultation. Biologic therapies require authorization and extra staff support.

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