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Our 35+ college patients have (mostly) launched to their new nests. Mississippi, Florida, Connecticut, Ohio, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, London, and many more. It was a whirlwind August, but they’re sure worth it.

These amazing young adults are getting back out in the world to make it a better place. Much work and preparation help get them settled, and yes, there may be a few tears, of joy and sadness, shed along the way. Our hope is these beautiful people can work hard, have fun, remember we love them and that we’re here for them. Our telehealth platform, now in its 5th year, has helped us support and guide these awesome young adults to health, happiness, and self-care.

COVID 19 Update - IMPORTANT Vaccine Update Good news on the COVID-19 front for those waiting for their Fall 2022 Booster. The FDA approved Omicron specific boosters, targeting BA.4 and BA.5, which are currently the highest circulating strains. It is estimated that more than 90% of current cases are caused by subvariants BA.4 and BA.5. These new bi-valent (translate: 2 target) boosters will be available for 12 yo (Pfizer) and 18yo (Moderna) and older patients within days. More info to come. CLICK HERE Here’s a great video to explain why Omicron is different than prior variants. Simple. Straight forward. Easy to understand. And some light at the end of the tunnel as we transition to endemic phase of COVID. CLICK HERE

FALL PEAK WEEK – What is it? Week 37, approximately 18 days after kids return to school, is the “peak” of asthma symptoms in kids. A classic article, based on Canadian ER data (circa 2000), showed the highest number of kids present to an ER for asthma symptoms in this week.

Allergy Asthma Network, a national, patient-focused, non-profit has a great review article, and You Tube video, highlighting the need for preventative care. CLICK HERE to Watch BOTTOM LINE: If you have asthma, Start your preventative meds NOW! The PEAK is coming. Call us for more help, 916.238.6238

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